Lets nurture future ready readers together.

Our Fluency+ package enables teachers and caretakers to work with young readers (reading at Levels K-3)  to improve their reading fluency. Fluency+ is backed by the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and reading fluency. It is fun, empowering, engaging,  and involves only 4 to 8-minutes of daily activities.

How Fluency+ Works

Reading fluency is the ability to quickly process letters, letters patterns, and words.
Fluency+ uses a research-based strategy called Short Passage Fluency (SPF) to
strengthen neural pathways and develop neural networks in order to enhance the
speed of text processing.

SPF uses Really Silly Stories.  These stories are designed to maximize students’ exposure to familiar words, letter patterns, and sentence structures.  Each story is broken into 6 to 13 daily episodes or parts.  Here students encounter familiar characters and situations each day.