Lets nurture future ready readers together.

Our Fluency+ package enables teachers and caretakers to work with their young readers in improving their reading fluency with only a 4- 8 minute commitment every day.  Our Fluency+ package is  backed by neuro-cognitive research in reading and literacy.

How Fluency+ Works

Determine Baseline Fluency

We will guide you to determine the child's baseline fluency in words per minute

Daily Activities

With a 4-8  minute commitment per day from teachers/caretakers, students are able to improve over time

Repeat Benchmark Assessment

Teachers or caretakers can repeat benchmark assessments every 2-4 weeks as needed to see improvement

Fluency+ is a highly flexible package for boosting fluency in students Gr K-3*. Fluency+ can be used by both teachers and caregivers. Fluency+ is designed with simplicity in mind and does not interfere with any interventions or methodologies. It is a simple, efficient way of using repetitive exposure to boost reading fluency. With over 78 lessons.

* could also be used for students in Gr-4 if they are reading at a lower grade level.