You can get started with our Meaning Based Intervention in one of  two ways

Recommended 5-Lesson Package

Our recommended 5-lesson package is a quick and comprehensive way to get started

Customized Lessons

(coming soon by Sep 15)

Teachers can also select from our menu to create a customized set of lessons and assessments

5-Lesson Package

The 5-lesson package is a great way to get started. Each module below is broken down into 5 lessons. Each lesson is between 12 and 30 minutes in duration and contains  a pre-packaged set of activities. Each activity is briskly paced and relatively brief lasting two to eight minutes. The activities can be done individually or in small group.  Click on each lesson below to learn more.


Customized Lessons

Teachers can customize and design their own lessons by selecting from a menu of strategies in each  module related to word work, fluency and comprehension.

Short a

Short e

Short i

Short o

Short u

Long a

Long e

Long i

Long o

Long u

Progress Monitoring

Assessment measures for progress monitoring and benchmark are included for word identification, fluency, and comprehension.