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Our Meaning-Based Intervention is research-based and guaranteed to help struggling readers 

MBI is an intervention for struggling readers that helps to develop their ability to create meaning with print (vs. simply sounding out words). This intervention utilizes a variety of research-based strategies that address all three reading deficit areas: fluency, comprehension, and word identification. MBI has been used successfully in special education classrooms, literacy centers, and in individual tutoring sessions. It has shown to be successful with mild, moderate, and severely struggling readers as well as children and adults with intellectual disabilities.



Why Parents and Teachers Choose Readocity

Educators often think of technology as taking power away from teachers. But programs like Readocity can make teachers more powerful.

David R

Harvard Graduate School of Education as quoted in Edweek

You can see the benefits of using a platform like Readocity by the books our students were reading. Many of them were reading two levels about their grade level.

Jan P

The REAL Program as quoted in the Boston Herald

Readocity helps me set goals and meet and exceed my own goals for reading.

Third Grader

as quoted in the Boston Herald

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