In 3 simple ways, we can prevent the summer reading loss in young readers

Summer is here. If we don't do something about it, this summer will be accompanied by the summer reading loss that happens in young readers all over the nation. A recently released survey from the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) confirms that teachers spend a significant amount of time re-teaching material due to summer learning loss. Lets reverse the trend this year with these three easy steps:

1) Join a Summer Reading Challenge

Libraries all over the nation offer a variety of programs for Summer Reading. These programs are accompanied with amazing age appropriate book recommendations.

2) Maintain a reading log

The reading log when used in a simplistic manner, helps parents and readers reflect on their reading and follow their own reading journey. It allows readers to look back on books or themes they enjoyed and taps into the reader's intrinsic motivation to read.

3) Reflect and converse on books read

This goes hand in hand with the reading log. Open up your reader's reading log and ask simple open ended questions about the books your reader has been reading. Several research studies have shown that conversations around books help boost critical thinking skills in children.

Hope your family's summer is filled with joyful reading and reflection !

Readocity is an online tool that enables parents and students to create a photo album like experience with their reading. You can set reading goals, track books read, reflect on the books read and access award winning age appropriate recommendations - all in one place in a easy-to-use and kid friendly online tool. Residents of Massachusetts can join the free Summer Smart Reading Challenge through Mass Literacy and Readocity by clicking here.